Your Car, Your Money, Your Choice
The Smart Way to Compare Dealers Offers & Locate the Best Deal!
  • Objective Pricing Info based on Industry Averages.
  • Track & Organize Dealer Offers.
  • Evaluate Based on Facts, not Sales Pitch.
  • Print Out & Take to Dealership.
  • Gain 100% Certainty of Getting the Best Deal.
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Why It Works
How It’s Done
What to Expect

New Car Smart Choice provides the tools you need to assess new car offers and easily determine a fair deal. Use our straightforward tools to uncover the best new car dealer offer for the vehicle you want.

Smart Choice tools provide you with an objective way to compare dealer offers to ensure you pay the lowest possible price, for the exact vehicle you want. No biased reviews, no sales pitch, just the facts you need to save.

It’s pretty simple really, that’s the beauty of the Smart Choice process. Our tools allow you to organize your new car buying research in one personalized and secure location. Quickly review and update information, compare offers, select the best, and print!

Walk into the dealership armed with complete pricing information. No need to negotiate, no stress, just the car you want at a great price – there’s no better feeling. Absolute certainty you’re getting a great deal by asking the right questions and doing the right research.

Sign-up is easy. In just a few quick steps you’ll have all the tools you need to get the best deal on your new car. See objective pricing information. Learn how to negotiate like a pro, on your terms. Take control of your new car buying experience!

New Car Smart Choice costs only $15.99. A small investment for absolute certainty you’ll get the car you want at the lowest possible price. It’s your money, and your choice – make it a smart one.